Sarah on the Summer Intensive

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At the beginning of my twenties I decided to explore life deeply and spent a lot of time in groups that where about consciousness and exploration of finding yourself. These groups where an amazing playground for me. Here I was fortunate to meet hundreds of people who where loving and supportive for my path. In connection I started to get in touch with my deeper feelings. 

Especially a few residential groups where instrumental for my life path and I still think back of all the amazing experiences I was having. It is my wish to provide a “conscious playground” for people who are looking for more in life. It is my wish to provide a safe place to open up, feel and find. Our Deep Living Summer Intensive can be Your conscious playground that may change your life. I would love to see you there.

James from the Forum

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As part of the Deep Living Year Training, people can receive personal support through an Online-forum, where they can get help and inspiration from James and Sarah five days a week. Here is an excerpt from James from today:
Another big piece is to not take things so seriously, and to realize that nothing really matters. Yes, you had things happen to you when you were young that make you feel less than others, but so what? Everybody has their story, and their challenges. The practice is about letting all of that go. You are no better, and no worse, than anyone else on the planet. We are all just here, creating experiences for ourselves. Accept what has happened to you, the effect it has had on you, realize that it is not you, and see that you get to make choices, independent of what has happened to you, that create your life moving forward. See that you are surrounded by people who love you, even though these things happened to you and have had that effect on you. Realize that they don’t love you for what you do, but rather in spite of what you do. Try to relax into that, and let them support you as you welcome this challenging part of yourself, accept it, realize it doesn’t really matter, and let it go. 

From Sarah-Back Home

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I spend most of my time in a beautiful place in the North of Berlin, where we built up a wonderful place for people to come and find themselves. It amazes me still after 15 years, how quickly people come close when they practice honesty, courage, consciousness and self-responsibility together. A field of healing and possibility opens up, where it seams like anything is possible.

I came back from a visit to Switzerland, where I originally come from. I noticed that people had forgotten that a closer contact is possible. They are not really happy, but have accepted that ok is enough. For all of you out there, who are longing for more connection, more joy, more creativity, more life, I want to tell you, here is a place for you to come and drop deeper. We love to support you anyway we can.

With love,


Open Afternoon August 12

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Get to know us and find out more about us and what we do.

At this event you have a chance to meet us, ask us any questions about our sessions, groups, trainings and workshops. You have the possibility to have a direct experience in working with James, if you wish to bring an issue from your life, where you would like more clarity and flow. The Open Afternoon ist also a place to meet other people who are on their path to happiness and play with connecting more deeply.
For those of you who are already practicing honesty, courage, consciousness and self-responsibilty, here is room with lots of support!

For more information contact Sarah at 030 40 99 99 30 or

Schedule Addition — Open Evening August 17

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To give people another opportunity to get to know us before our Deep Living Summer Intensive, we have added an Open Evening on August 17 to our schedule. It will be at Forstweg 28 and start at 7:30pm.

This is also an opportunity, if you are attending the intensive, to come by and get your process started. Cost for the Open Evening is 10€, though it is free for those who attend the Intensive.

Deep Living Summer Intensive 2018

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Deep Living Summer Intensive

August 23 – 26

For those of you who enjoy longer groups this is a rare opportunity to immerse yourself with honesty, courage, consciousness, and self-responsibility for 3,5 days of fun and transformation.

In this group you have a chance to dive deeply into your process of getting closer to your truth and take courageous steps that can change your life. By being together with a group of people for several days, you will have many opportunities to practice self-acceptance and allow your authentic impulses and feelings. Here is your opportunity to leave some obstacles from your past behind and play with creating a “New Normal”.

This is a comprehensive package including groups, meals and group accommodation. The intensive will consist of:

•3,5 day-long Deep Living Groups with James & Sarah
•Two Evening Programs led by Wanda More
•Meals provided from Friday Morning through Sunday Lunch
•Indoor/outdoor camping accommodation at Tina’s Place

The intensive will begin at 7:30pm on Thursday August 23 at James & Sarah’s Practice and end there at 5pm on August 26. Lunch will also be provided there. All other intensive meals and activities will take place at Tina’s Place and will be facilitated by people from our team.

 James will lead the Deep Living Groups in English with German translation by Sarah. The evening groups will be in German.

Cost for this group package is 450€ with a 225€ non-refundable deposit to reserve your space.  

Spaces are limited. 
Reserve your space now with Sarah! 

Contact us at 030 40 99 99 30 or


Performance Workshop – Fall 2018

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13 Week Performance Workshop — September 6 – December 1

Come join us for this fun and transformative experience. James combines his years of working in theater with his years of working with people to help them transform to create this exciting workshop. It is a great opportunity to practice letting your energy flow fully and freely as we work together to create an original musical theater piece using hidden aspects of ourselves as our source material. You don’t need talent, only courage and the desire to explore yourself, and show yourself, in front of an audience. For more information contact Sarah.

This workshop is in English with no German translation.