Come to our next Deep Living Weekend

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Deep Living Weekend
September 22-23 • 10am-5pm

Forstweg 28, 13465 Berlin
Cost: 240€

This group is an intimate, fun and exciting playground to explore yourself. James leads the group with humor and depth. Let yourself be inspired and play with his suggestions. Let yourself open up and find deeper aspects and feelings within yourself. 
Another aspect about our groups that I love is, how close people get by being honest and courageous together. Frequently friendships and relationships begin in our groups, since people get close to each other very quickly. It is wonderful how, in our groups, people get together to support each other to find themselves with James’ exceptional guidance. Come and be part of this weekend group!

Deep Living Summer Intensive – Create a new normal

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We all have ideas about how things are supposed to be, and we tend to let those ideas control us. We create an idea of what is normal, and what is allowed. It is important to realize that this is just a construction that has been imposed on us. There is no way that things are supposed to be. It is a fiction that we have, usually unconsciously, chosen to believe in.

When we realize this, we have the opportunity to write our own story, create a new normal. We can create a reality for ourselves that supports us to live happily and abundantly, and that overrides our programming from the past. This will be a major theme in our upcoming Deep Living Summer Intensive. There are still a few places left, so consider if this is the time for you to start rewriting your normal to create a better future for yourself.

Sarah on the Summer Intensive

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At the beginning of my twenties I decided to explore life deeply and spent a lot of time in groups that where about consciousness and exploration of finding yourself. These groups where an amazing playground for me. Here I was fortunate to meet hundreds of people who where loving and supportive for my path. In connection I started to get in touch with my deeper feelings. 

Especially a few residential groups where instrumental for my life path and I still think back of all the amazing experiences I was having. It is my wish to provide a “conscious playground” for people who are looking for more in life. It is my wish to provide a safe place to open up, feel and find. Our Deep Living Summer Intensive can be Your conscious playground that may change your life. I would love to see you there.

James from the Forum

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As part of the Deep Living Year Training, people can receive personal support through an Online-forum, where they can get help and inspiration from James and Sarah five days a week. Here is an excerpt from James from today:
Another big piece is to not take things so seriously, and to realize that nothing really matters. Yes, you had things happen to you when you were young that make you feel less than others, but so what? Everybody has their story, and their challenges. The practice is about letting all of that go. You are no better, and no worse, than anyone else on the planet. We are all just here, creating experiences for ourselves. Accept what has happened to you, the effect it has had on you, realize that it is not you, and see that you get to make choices, independent of what has happened to you, that create your life moving forward. See that you are surrounded by people who love you, even though these things happened to you and have had that effect on you. Realize that they don’t love you for what you do, but rather in spite of what you do. Try to relax into that, and let them support you as you welcome this challenging part of yourself, accept it, realize it doesn’t really matter, and let it go.