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Deep Living Summer Intensive 2018

Deep Living Summer Intensive

August 23 – 26

For those of you who enjoy longer groups this is a rare opportunity to immerse yourself with honesty, courage, consciousness, and self-responsibility for 3,5 days of fun and transformation.

In this group you have a chance to dive deeply into your process of getting closer to your truth and take courageous steps that can change your life. By being together with a group of people for several days, you will have many opportunities to practice self-acceptance and allow your authentic impulses and feelings. Here is your opportunity to leave some obstacles from your past behind and play with creating a “New Normal”.

This is a comprehensive package including groups, meals and group accommodation. The intensive will consist of:

•3,5 day-long Deep Living Groups with James & Sarah
•Two Evening Programs led by Wanda More
•Meals provided from Friday Morning through Sunday Lunch
•Indoor/outdoor camping accommodation at Tina’s Place

The intensive will begin at 7:30pm on Thursday August 23 at James & Sarah’s Practice and end there at 5pm on August 26. Lunch will also be provided there. All other intensive meals and activities will take place at Tina’s Place and will be facilitated by people from our team.

 James will lead the Deep Living Groups in English with German translation by Sarah. The evening groups will be in German.

Cost for this group package is 450€ with a 225€ non-refundable deposit to reserve your space.  

Spaces are limited. 
Reserve your space now with Sarah! 

Contact us at 030 40 99 99 30 or


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