Deep Living groups are a great way to dive into a deeper understanding of yourself. Our groups are all small and very intimate. You will have the opportunity to get personal attention to explore any issue you choose to bring. James has a masterful way of helping you define exactly what choices you are making that are creating whatever issue is disturbing you, and showing you the steps you need to take to resolve the issue. With the support of James, Sarah, and the group you can often make steps and resolve issues during the group, and if not, James can show you what you need to know to be able to resolve the issue after the group has ended.

Deep Living Weekends are a great introduction to what Deep Living may have to offer you. You will learn about the Deep Living point of view which will show you a way to use whatever happens to you in life as an opportunity to make your life happier and more fulfilling. You can see the Deep Living practice at work, and have James help you create a personal practice for yourself. The groups are also an opportunity for people who already have a Deep Living practice to make some big steps with the support of James and the group. You can make deep and intimate connections with the other participants. Many friendships have begun in Deep Living groups.

Our most effective offering is our Deep Living Year Training. We have found that, as much as you can gain out of a powerful experience in a weekend group, real, permanent transformation comes from a consistent practice over a period of time. The Deep Living Year Training is designed to help you to make step after step on your path of self-discovery. Besides monthly meetings where participants come together to work with James and support each other in reaching their personal goals, James and Sarah also offer an internet forum where you can get advice on how to use the Deep Living point of view to turn challenges into opportunities, and support to create a personal practice that will keep you moving toward the life you were meant to live.

James and Sarah also offer monthly Open Evenings where you can come and meet James and Sarah, get to know the Deep Living work, bring an issue you would like some help with, or just enjoy an evening meeting other people who are also interested in living with honesty, courage, consciousness, and self-responsibility.

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