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James from the Forum

As part of the Deep Living Year Training, people can receive personal support through an Online-forum, where they can get help and inspiration from James and Sarah five days a week. Here is an excerpt from James from today:
Another big piece is to not take things so seriously, and to realize that nothing really matters. Yes, you had things happen to you when you were young that make you feel less than others, but so what? Everybody has their story, and their challenges. The practice is about letting all of that go. You are no better, and no worse, than anyone else on the planet. We are all just here, creating experiences for ourselves. Accept what has happened to you, the effect it has had on you, realize that it is not you, and see that you get to make choices, independent of what has happened to you, that create your life moving forward. See that you are surrounded by people who love you, even though these things happened to you and have had that effect on you. Realize that they don’t love you for what you do, but rather in spite of what you do. Try to relax into that, and let them support you as you welcome this challenging part of yourself, accept it, realize it doesn’t really matter, and let it go. 

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