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Deep Living is a way of looking at the world that can help you find greater joy and fulfillment in your life, and a practice to help you attain these things.

In a session with James he can share this point of view with you and help you develop a personal practice that will allow you reach your goals, whatever they are.

He can show you how to apply the point of view to whatever is happening in your life, and through this encourage you to make choices that will bring you closer to your maximum potential.

As well, James has developed exceptional clarity regarding human behavior. He can help you find the deeper motivations behind why you are doing what you are doing, show you how to stop doing the things that do not serve you, and how you can find what it is you truly want in life.

As a relationship coach, James can help you see the underlying motivations in your attractions and entanglements helping you to find clarity, joy, and harmony in your relationships.

James works with both individuals and couples exploring any subjects including all aspects of sexuality and relationship. He is happy to support you with any issue you may have.

Sessions with James last one hour and cost 100€. James' sessions are in English. We can provide German translation for 30€ per hour. Discounted sessions are available for those who want to work deeply with James and book blocks of sessions.

Sarah's bright spirit and infectious joy make her sessions light and fun, while her acceptance, openness, and keen perception make them supportive opportunites to come closer to your true nature.

Sarah's caring and nurturing nature will make you feel safe and secure as she helps you explore whatever issues you bring.

She excels at sharing the Deep Living point of view and can help you see yourself and your life more clearly while offering suggestions and possibilities that can help you find whatever it is that you are looking for.

For those who are more timid, working with Sarah can be a great way to start your Deep Living experience.

Sessions with Sarah last 50 minutes and cost 80€ per session.

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